Scyon Stria Clad 14mm 2400 X 325 Standard

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With Stria, you can choose to personalise your home using a blend of colours and lines like never before. Architects and builders are finding inspiration in the versatile elements Stria brings to external walls for dynamic and unique building facades that really stand out. Being so easy to install, Stria offers more opportunities to create your own exclusive home design without breaking the budget.This 325mm standard profile cladding is a 14mm thick board with a smooth 285mm vertical profile finished with a horizontal square edge leaving a 15mm groove at the shiplap joint. 4200mm long shiplap boards, one of the fastest ways to clad a wall. Durable 14mm thick fibre cement (FC) boards. Conceal fixings with 40mm FC nails in the underlap (Up to N3 & C1). Resists damage from shrinking, cracking, rot, moisture and termites when installed and maintained correctly.